1. Your behaviour arises out of automatic reactions.
  2. You are not born with these reactions.
  3. These reactions have been learned: thus they can be unlearned.
  4. You are always the source of these reactions.
  5. To bring about change, you must not try to change these reactions -- just see them clearly.
  6. Change comes naturally by creating a gap between you and the reaction.  The gap arises when your awareness is totally present with your reaction --whatever you can watch is not you.
  7. Your everyday problems and reactions become the stepping stones of awareness: a conscious response arises from this awareness.

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Beacon Yoga Centre, Beaconsfield

Experience transcript therapy when every written word counts and the story is forgotten. Then, learn how to incorporate it in your life and/or practice.


Wherever you move, your shadow follows. Even when you go within, you take your inner shadow. Unless you bring awareness to this rejected part of yourself it will always distort your perception.

Indivar is a gifted therapist, psychologist and spiritual counsellor, using meditation, gentle awareness and mindfulness practices.

From the False to the Real

with Indivar

The journey to the unknown must first start with the known.  In the same way, the journey to the real must start with the false.  To know the false self as false reveals the door to the real.  You are That.

Living & Dying Consciously

with Indivar

We are frightened of the darkness which we are not, because we don’t know the light that we are.


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